Step 1
Show us the exposure power of your social media account

Show us your social media account!

@UTOS needs to comprehensively evaluate your promotional ability and video quality. We do not have strict evaluation criteria for this! What we want to see is your confident performance in front of the camera! If you think you look good on camera, then apply now! We will provide free traffic promotion for videos of good quality and performance. While helping our product get exposure, we can also help your social media account grow better!

Step 2
The review process typically takes 1-3 days.

waiting for the review.

Every three days, we will analyze and display all the social media accounts of the influencers who have submitted applications on our company's big screen! All colleagues in the marketing department will participate in the decision-making process together! After making a decision, we will immediately contact you via email! Then you can start choosing the free samples you want!

Step 3
Free sample delivery to your doorstep.

Sample Delivery

Which product from @UTOS are you most interested in? Which product do you think could inspire new ideas for your content creation? Once your application is approved, please let us know! We'll send the samples to your doorstep for free!

Start creating your video now!

Video Production and Upload

"I believe you will soon receive our samples! Once you receive them, you can start creating your videos! Let me tell you a little secret, we will reward videos with excellent quality and exposure through PayPal! If you love the automotive lifestyle, you can also apply to become a franchisee of @UTOS and become our regional dealer! For more details, please check the 'Affiliate Program' page!

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Please provide the following information in the "Your Message" section:

1. The link of your social media channels.

2. The country you are located in.

3. The brand and model of the vehicle you own.

4. Which product from @UTOS are you applying for? Please provide the link and specifications.

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